Centro de Apoyo a Niños con Cancer A.C. (Support Center for Children with Cancer)

Our Children



Come to know a little bit more about our children whom we helped during their diagnosis and treatment, and whom we continue looking out for.



Recently we focused in a special way to help David and his family. The prosthesis  David needed cost $26,800.00 pesos, thanks to the generosity of many donations, David is now living his life in a more normal way.


Aaron Ulises Vázquez C.

Date of Birth:September 26th, XXXX

Diagnosis:Acute Limphoblastic Leukemia. 

He is diagnosed in March 2007, undergoes two types of chemotherapy. His Leukemia is of high risk. By infiltration at the level of his left eyelid a tumor is found and undergoes surgery on December 19th 2007. He is taken care in Ophthalmology for high risk of his left eye and undergoes intensive radiation sessions. 


Alexander Palomares Pérez.

Date of Birth: xx, 2000.

Diagnosis: Acute Linphoblastic Leukemia.


Ana Rosario García Velázquez.

Date of Birth: June 3rd, 2000

Diagnóstico: Accute Early B Limphoblastic Leukemia.

Her symptoms appeared in April 2007, in May she is diagnosed with cancer, having to be hospitalized for 1 month. 4 chemotherapy sessions are given but interrupted by lack of economic resources. Her sessions are taken again in December 2007. She also undergoes treatment in the Dental division. 


Carlos Alexis Molina Ramírez.

Date of Birth: June 1st, 2006.

Diagnosis:Bilateral Retinoblastoma. 

At 6 months old he is diagnosed with Glaucoma, a month later malignant tumors are detected in both eyes with a biopsy, and immediately he undergoes surgery to take his left eye. Followed by 6 sessions of chemotherapy anda prosthesis, which is lost due to an infection on January 2007. A secondprosthesis is found and undergoes surgery on December 20th 2007. He continues with follow ups to  supervise his other eye. 


Charvel Eliseo Molina Ramírez.

Date of Birth: January 30th, 2005.

Diagnosis:Bilateral Retinoblastoma.

He is detected with something in his eyes and in January 2007 he is diagnosed with malignant tumors in both eyes. He undergoes 6 session of chemotherapy and fortunately he is able to keep both of them. He continues to have follow ups with doctors. 


David Uriel Chavez Contreras.

Date of Birth:  Junio 27th, 1998.

Diagnosis: Osteosarcoma.

His symptoms started in September 2006. A tumor was detected in the bone of his right leg and undergoes treatment. In June 2007 he is diagnosed with a biopsy to have Osteosarcoma. He is treated in Orthopedics, Oncology and Psychiatry for the seriousness of his case.  


Ian Adrian Guerra Estrada.

Date of Birth: January 17th, 2005.

Diagnosis: Renal cancer.

In early 2007 he is diagnosed witha malignant tumor in one kidney, he is taken care of in the Uropediatrics and Oncopediatrics divisions. He attends chemotherapy and receives a special surgery.


Jerliston Robledo Aguilar.

Date of Birth: xx, 2003.

Diagnosis: Acute Lynphoblastic Leukemia.


Jose Humberto Cruz García.

Date of Birth: xx, 2004.

Diagnosis: Acute Linphoblastic Leukemia.


Lucero Alejandra Curiel Alvarez.

Date of Birth: xx, 1992.

Diagnosis: Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma (both lobes)


Michelle Aparicio Rosas.

Date of Birth: September 11h, 2001.

Diagnóstico: Uterine-Cervical Cancer.

At 3 years old she is diagnosed with a mixed terminal tumor in one ovary. Her diagnosis was Uterine-Cervical cancer. She undergoes chemotherapyfor 8 months. At the en of 2007 she had a relapse, followed with oral chemotherapytreatment for 3 months. She continues with follow up controls with doctors.


Monserrat Gutierrez Rodriguez.

Date of Birth: August 11th,  2004.


At 11 months old she is diagnosed with Retinoblastoma, the studies revealed that her tumors were in an advanced stage with a risk of spreading, she is submittedto surgery to take both eyes on December 7th, 2005. Followed with 6 chemotherapy sessions and  receives her eye prosthesis. She continues to have follow up control with doctors in the Ophthalmology and Oncopediatric divisions.


Natalia Lopez Sánchez.

Date of Birth: xx, 1994.

Diagnosis: Hodking Lynphoma.


Walter Arturo Domínguez Florentino.

Date of Birth: March 1st, 1996.

Diagnóstico: Hodking Linphoma celularidad mixta.

In February 2006 he undergoes a biopsy resulting in a malignant tumor in his neck. He starts with chemotherapy, receiving reinforcements in June ending in July 2007. He continues under supervision. 



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